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I've lived in Raleigh for 20 years and am proud to call Raleigh home.  marineball.jpg
I grew up in New Jersey and attended Villanova University on a Marine Corps ROTC scholarship. I served six years in the Marine Corps, and left active duty as a Captain. My wife, Annemarie, and I delayed my attending law school for a year so that we could move to Raleigh and I could volunteer at Habitat for Humanity of Wake County. I spent part of the year volunteering full-time and then worked for Habitat until starting law school at UNC Chapel Hill. Upon graduation from law school in 1998, I joined the Smith Anderson Law Firm in downtown Raleigh. 


We moved into our home in the original North Hills subdivision in 2000, attracted by the character of the mature neighborhood and the beautiful old growth trees. Since moving in, we have witnessed first-hand the growth of the North Hills area and benefited from being close to the wonderful amenities. Raleigh is a truly great city that offers abundant opportunities for families and individuals to live, work and play.  Annemarie and I have been incredibly blessed to have chosen Raleigh as our community where we've raised our girls, Nicole and Isabel, and started our careers. 

What's important to me: my faith, my family, my friends -and of course my dog Mac.

What I like: cycling, golf, great food (especially Annemarie's Italian cooking - go figure, a German-Irish gal who cooks the best home-style Italian food I've ever had) and gardening.



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As a side note, Wayne you have great pictures on this website of yours. Looks like a great family I hope you are all doing well. :)
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Wayne thank you for attending all the CAC meetings reguarding the development at falls of neuse and dunn rd. I am surprised you have stated you don’t know if a majority are for or against it, i’m not sure anyone can understand your reasoning on that. It is my hope that the City Council does themselves a favor and votes in favor of the current zoning laws and ordinances. If not you are just going to open up the city council to a bunch more of these petitions and the city will turn into a hodge podge of nothing that matches anything else and traffic nightmares for everyone like many other cities I know of.

Paid for by Wayne Maiorano for Raleigh City Council

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